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September 2017 ~ St. Sebastian's by-the-Sea Newsletter

†St. Sebastian Welcomes Rev. Garry Edwards
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†Fr. Garry’s Greeting
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XYZ Luncheon
Our next luncheon is Tuesday, September 12th, at 11:30am. All are invited to join us at Long Doggers on Post Road (by the King Center). The sign-up sheet is in Smodell Hall. See you there!!

†Book Club
Ladies' Book Club:  There will not be a book club in September since most attendees will be away.  Gail Picking will host the October 14th meeting and the book is to be determined.  Judy Divine will host November 18th and the book will be Little Men by Louisa May Alcott.  All women are welcome to join the book club.  Contact Doreen Yandell at or call 321-427-8788 if you have any questions. Our annual Christmas Luncheon will be held on December 9th at noon at The Dove downtown.  Further details as the date gets closer.

†Great Team Effort
A BIG thank you to all who helped with Fr. Garry's reception.  Thanks to those who helped plan it, help to set up, who made desserts, decorated, made floral arrangements and washed tablecloths.  There are too many people to name and we don't want to leave anyone out!  Thank you again.

Bible Quiz
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†Parishioner of the Month
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The St. Sebastian's Parishioner of the month for September is Doreen Yandell. Doreen has served as Church Secretary, Choir member, Social Committee member, Sunday School teacher and Eucharistic Minister among other duties. Her recent role as director of the reception for Fr. Garry makes her the top choice for Parishioner of the month. Congratulations, Doreen. Thanks for all you do!!

†News from ECW
A big thank you to all of you who donated towards our School Supply Outreach Project for June/July.  We collected over 30 bags of supplies and over 35 backpacks!!  For children that may not have the resources for new school supplies, this will be a much-needed boost for them to start the school year off right! ECW will be meeting on Monday, September 11, at 6 pm in Smodell Hall. We will be planning our calendar of Events for the next 6 months; your inputs are important and we look forward to as many ladies as possible participating in this planning session.

†MOP Update
The Episcopal Church Women (ECW) of St. Sebastian’s By-the-Sea supports Miles of Pennies (MOP), which provides free Christian literature to needy children worldwide. The MOP also designates grants to allow for the distribution of recycled children’s books. Thanks to your contributions, we have collected $66.22 during the past year to support MOP. Our ultimate objective is to donate one “mile” of pennies, or $844.80. To date, we have donated $253.99 toward that target. Let’s continue to fill the collection jars with spare change so we can reach our donation goal of one “mile” of pennies. Thank you so much for supporting this valuable effort. The ECW members also collected $44.00 over the past year at our monthly meetings and it was donated to the Church Periodical Club, another ministry of the printed word.

†Four Perspectives
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†Fuller Cycling Team - Photos
Fuller Cycling Team spent the night in Smodell Hall on Monday, August 14th, as they made their way to Key West. The group departed from Portland, ME on July 14th and ride anywhere from 43 to 103 miles a day.

Their “bike adventure” is a fundraising event for The Fuller Center for Housing which was founded by the same couple (Mr. & Mrs. Millard Fuller) who started Habitat for Humanity. During their journey, the participants assist with two building projects, one in Tabernacle, NJ and the other in Orlando, FL.

They slept, showed & stored their bikes in Smodell Hall for one night. The last time we hosted them (2012) we shared a night of fellowship while enjoying a potluck dinner. We would like to provide the same hospitality this year. A sign-up sheet for the potluck dinner is in Smodell Hall.

Photos taken by your Web Master are in the Photo Album section.

†God’s Left Hand
A 6-year-old and his grandma went for a walk one autumn day. “Look at the gorgeous leaves!” Grandma exclaimed. “Just think, God painted each one of them just for us!”

“Yep,” said her grandson, “and he did it left-handed.”

Perplexed, Grandma asked, “Why do you think God used his left hand to create all this beauty?”

“Because,” said the boy matter-of-factly, “we learned in Sunday school that Jesus sits on God’s right one.”

†From the Junior Warden
At Saint Sebastian’s by-the-Sea are replacing incandescent light bulbs with either compact florescent or light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs as the old bulbs require replacement.  We have recently replaced the outside halogen floodlights on the side and front of Smodell Hall with new fixtures using LED bulbs.  We formerly were using 2,700 watts, but are now using only 51 watts of power for that lighting.

†By Yourself for God
Rabbi Joseph Liebermann describes a dream where he dies and goes to stand before God’s judgment seat. As he waits, the rabbi fears that the Lord will ask him, “Why weren’t you a Moses … or a David ... or a Solomon?” Instead, God surprises him by simply asking, “Why weren’t you Rabbi Liebermann?”

When our lives are over, God won’t ask us why we weren’t a Mother Teresa or another saintly soul. He simply wants us to be who he created us to be.

“We are his workmanship,” St. Paul writes in Ephesians 2:10. In Greek,
workmanship means “a piece of art.” You are God’s masterpiece. Life isn’t a game of comparison. It’s a journey of discovery of how God has uniquely created you to perform specific tasks in this life.

Your life is God’s canvas. Don’t hinder the painting process!

—Mike Paulison

†A Taste of Heaven
When an admirer asked renowned pianist Vladmir Horowitz how he could play so beautifully, he’s said to have replied that anyone could play the notes, but the true music lay in the pauses between them. The same can be said of life.

Rabbi Evan Moffic
(Shalom for the Heart) writes, “It is in the pauses — the rests, the spaces in between — that meaning is made and that holiness is felt.” Nowadays we keep so busy there’s hardly a pause or space in our day.

“But that’s not the way God created us [or] the world,” Moffic continues. “God worked, then rested. God created, then paused. … Thus, our Sabbath is the day when we can marvel at the beauty of the world God created. It is the day we enjoy what the ancient sages called ‘a taste of heaven.’ It is a day when we stop thinking about the
what of life and remind ourselves of the why of life.”

†Lay Off on labor Day
Pope Benedict XVI would appreciate our Labor Day holiday. Recently, while addressing a large audience, the Pope warned against working too hard. It is “bad for the spirit,” he said.

He quoted the 12th-century writings of St. Bernard of Clairvaux, who spoke of “the dangers of an excessive activity, whatever the … office held, because many occupations lead to a hardening of the heart.”

Whatever our work, we must take at least one day each week to rest. For most people, this will be the Lord’s Day, the Christian sabbath. As the Bible says: “Remember the sabbath day, and keep it holy. Six days you shall labor and do all your work. But the seventh day is a sabbath to the LORD your God; you shall not do any work ….” (Exodus 20:8-10, NRSV).

†For Fun
Feeling footloose and frisky, a featherbrained fellow forced his fond father to fork over the farthings and flew far to foreign fields and frittered his fortune, feasting fabulously with faithless friends.

Fleeced by his fellows in folly and facing famine, the fellow floundered as a feed-flinger in a filthy farm. Fairly famished, he fain would have filled his frame with foraged food from fodder fragments. “Fooey, my father’s flunkies fare far finer!”

The frazzled fugitive forlornly fumbled, frankly facing facts. He fled forthwith to his family. Falling at his father’s feet, he forlornly fumbled, “Father, I’ve fruitlessly forfeited family favor.”

The farsighted father, forestalling further flinching, frantically flagged his flunkies to fetch a fatling from the flock and fix a feast. The fugitive’s fault-finding brother frowned on fickle forgiveness of the former folderol. But the faithful father figured, “Filial fidelity is fine, but the fugitive is found! What forbids fervent festivity? Let flags be unfurled! Let fanfares flair!”

The Treasury of Good Clean Church Jokes

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