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May 2017 ~ St. Sebastian's by-the-Sea Newsletter

Search Committee
Please continue to pray for our Search Committee:

Almighty God, giver of every good gift: Look graciously on your church, St. Sebastian’s and so guide the minds, hearts and wills of those who shall choose a rector for this parish, that we may receive a faithful pastor, who will care for your people and equip us for our ministries; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

ECW Outing
The ECW is planning a day trip to Bok Tower and Gardens in Lake Wales on Monday, May 8.

The cost is $20 for park admission and the self-guided tour. Park hours are 9 until 5.  We will meet at the church at 8:30 am and car pool to the Gardens. There is a restaurant on site and the menu looks good so we will be eating lunch there. If you would like to go, please fill out the sign-up sheet which will be in Smodell Hall by April 9. If you want to do some research on Bok Tower, they have a good website, just Google it.

Parishioner of the Month
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At the last vestry meeting the vestry approved a Parishioner of the Month program. Each month the vestry will nominate a parishioner and feature that person in a short synopsis in "Saints Alive". The person may be nominated by anyone in the parish.  Just inform a member of the vestry and include why you recommend that person. A reserved parking place is being designated and the sign will go in place shortly. Let's let those hard-working members of the parish know we appreciate their efforts in making St. Sebastian's a wonderful place of worship!

XYZ Luncheon
Our next luncheon is Tuesday, May 9th, at 11:30am. All are invited to join us at Bonefish Willy’s Riverfront Grille, 2459 Pineapple Ave (just north of Eau Gallie Cswy). The sign-up sheet is in Smodell Hall. See you there!!

Last month read about our existing budget and hopefully have thought about the current situation. New pledge cards for 2017 are in the Narthex. If you feel so inclined, you are welcome to submit a new modified pledge for 2017 and help us overcome the pending deficit which we shall be facing in the very near future.

ECW Ladies Evening
On June 5, 2017, our E.C.W. will offer an evening workshop for ladies, to talk about and share the joy in our lives. If you would like to attend, please add your name to the sign-up sheet in Smodell Hall so that we may know how many to expect.  All ladies are welcome, whether you attend E.C.W. meetings and events or not. We will be discussing the book 'Choose Joy Because Happiness Isn't Enough" by Kay Warren, so read the book and come prepared.  If you need help in finding the book to buy, let us know.   That's Monday, June 5, beginning at 6 pm in Smodell Hall.  So, sign up now, read, and meanwhile have a blessed and joyful Easter season.

Book Club
The Women's Book Club for May will be hosted by Janie Conner.  The book is The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger.  We will meet from noon - 2:00 PM. Bring a brown bag lunch and drinks and dessert will be provided.  Please RSVP to Janie so that she knows how many to expect.   Bring a friend.  If you would like more information, please contact Doreen Yandell at 321-427-8788 or

Bible Quiz
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Acts 17 describes Paul speaking about God to the people of Athens
in front of — incredibly! — a site that still exists. What is that site?

A. The Panathenaic Stadium
B. The Areopagus
C. The Acropolis and the Parthenon
D. The Temple of Hephaestus

Answer on page below.

Friendship Dinner
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We would like to invite the members of St. Sebastians to join the friendship dinner group. Let me take a minute to explain the activity. We meet monthly at each other’s home for dinner and conversation. It is not a bible study, but is simply to have a good time and get to know our church family members better.  The host provides the entree and the guests bring all the other parts (appetizers, side dishes and desert). Everyone provides their own wine or beer. Valerie and Mike Coles are hosting the next gathering at their home on May 19 for the whole group. There will be a sign-up sheet in Smodell Hall closer to the event. Please consider joining us, it is fun.

Backyard Cleanup
Many thanks to the Shop of the Gulls for donating funds to clean up the back yard of the church. The bushes were hanging over the fence in the back of the church property and the Thrift shop paid for a landscaper to trim the bushes to remove them and clear the area.  

†And the Award goes to …
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Almost any day of the week, a passerby may notice a blue pickup truck in the parking lot of the church and see two people working hard to improve the beauty of our church grounds. You may notice the colorful flowers in the memorial garden and around the pillars that mark our entrances.  Notice the trees along the south side of our property or notice the piles of brush at the street for pick up by Waste Mgmt Co. Thanks to Dave and Joyce Lehr for their constant effort in doing that work. Not only have they donated plants to beautify the grounds, they plant and water them and keep out the weeds. Their efforts to keep the grounds colorful and well maintained are appreciated by all.  The Vestry nominates Dave and Joyce as persons of the Month for May. Congratulations! 

†Kairos prison Ministry
Dear Parish Family:

I want you to know that Christ is present in more inmate’s minds at Central Florida Reception Center East Unit where Kairos has given 7 weekends. More men who have had the Kairos experience are walking with Christ. In fact, even with the normal attrition that occurs in prison about 15% of the population have been influenced by attending a Kairos weekend, as evidenced by their attendance at our semimonthly meetings with them. Some of the dorms are even at a higher percentage. Sociologists tell us that a minority in society can start to assert themselves, at around 20%. That means that more of them can do Bible study and have small group sharing, without being hassled by the general population. As those who are following Christ, grow in number they have a greater impact on the general population. On May 18-22 Kairos will be giving another 3-day weekend and potentially, the spirit will grow throughout the compound, from those that will attend.
This is all supported by you, fellow parish members. You have prayed for the convicts; you have provided cookies and you have supported Kairos finically. This cannot happen without you. We will again ask for your support at the coffee hour on 4/30, 5/7 and 5/14.

A wonderful thing is happening, through God. Prisoners have purpose in their lives. The recidivism rate for those who attend a Kairos weekend and a reunion and are released, reduces over all from 40% to 15%. Fewer crimes are committed. This has been a life changing experience for me.

In Christ,
Walt Koenig.

†Are You an Acolyte?
The word acolyte means “follower” or “one who helps”. The acolyte is an important person in the worship service and is of significant help to the celebrant. Whether you are 12 or 112, male or female, doesn’t matter. Knowing the duties and doing it well is what is important. If you are interested in learning more about the acolyte’s role or wish to commit to this vital ministry, please contact the office or Mike Edwards, our Sr. Warden.

†Butterfly Celebration
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A great big thank you to all the parishioners who helped make the Butterfly Celebration such a success. According to our luncheon chair, Annie Helen Thomas, 80 people were served lunch.  We gave out a total of 41 goodie bags (30bags on Saturday and 11 bags on Easter Sunday).  We had made up a total of 75 bags.  Thanks to everyone who stuffed goodie bags, donated toys and candy for the bags, decorated the Hall, hid eggs, helped with the service, prepared, served and cleaned up the luncheon and came to celebrate with us.  We had 20 children in our butterfly/balloon parade.  A great big Thank You to Alison Mindel for ordering the butterflies, taking care of them and organizing their release!  It was a beautiful uplifting celebration and many participants thanked me as they left and some even made donations to help with the expenses.  Submitted by Judy Divine.  

†What an Honor!!
Bob Amos received an invitation to participate in the Space Coast Honor Flight. The day trip for veterans will take place May 20.  They will visit WW 2 memorial, Korean Memorial and Arlington Cemetery all in one day. The trips are now taking Korean veterans particularly those who are combat vets and hold the Combat Infantry Badge. This is quite an honor to be chosen and to be able to participate in. Congratulations Bob – enjoy your special day!

†Decisions Matter
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Good and evil both increase at compound interest. That is why the little decisions you and I make every day are of such infinite importance. The smallest good act today is the capture of a strategic point from which, a few months later, you may be able to go on to victories you never dreamed of. An apparently trivial indulgence in lust or anger today is the loss of a ridge or railway line or bridgehead from which the enemy may launch an attack otherwise impossible. —C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
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Jesus Stand Among Us

Jesus, stand among us, in your risen power;
Let this time of worship be a hallowed hour.

Breathe the Holy Spirit into every heart;
Bid the fears and sorrows from each soul depart.

Thus with quickened footsteps we pursue our way,
watching for the dawning of eternal day.

—William Pennefather
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Answer: B (See Acts 17:22.)