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June & July 2016 ~ St. Sebastian's by-the-Sea Newsletter

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June is a time when many of us begin to think about vacations. We want to spend more time at the beach or out on the water with our boat. We want to visit new places and see new things. We may want to find a cooler environment where we don’t have to sit in the air conditioning as much. Whatever our summer holds for us it does make us long to take a vacation.

God doesn’t take a vacation. God is always there when we call upon His name. His promise is to never leave our side. The Holy Spirit is our comforter in good times and in bad. Isn’t it great that we can always count on God’s love and presence?

Recently I was by the bedside of one of our parishioners before they went into the hospital. There, by that bedside, was the directory of the church and pictures that carried memory and meaning to make for a special relationship. We prayed together and called upon the Spirit of God to be present in that place and in the hospital in the days to come. When we were done praying, the parishioner looked at me with opened eyes and said, “I know that God will be there. He always is.” What a wonderful statement of faith. What a great place of ease as anyone goes into a serious situation; know that God will be there, He always is.

As many of us begin the vacation season, be assured that God will be with you, even on your vacation. Don’t forget the church community. Keep your pledges up even as you are away. Remember that God’s work does not take a holiday but is available 24/7. I pray that this summer allows us all a time of refreshment and rest. We will continue to serve God as He calls and make His name known wherever we go. May your summer be filled with joy and the presence of God, and may that presence keep you safe wherever you may be.

Fr. Norman†


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Of the 66 books in the Protestant Bible, 39 have people’s names as titles. Some names indicate the person credited as author — for example, Matthew; others name the book’s main character — such as Ruth. How many books are written to the person named in the title?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 13
D. 21

Answer after birthdays


Our next luncheon is Tuesday, June 14th, at 11:30 am. All are invited to join us at Squid Lips located at 1477 Pineapple Ave. The sign-up sheet is in Smodell Hall.


June 18th is the date for the next book club. Kay Ives will be hosting at the 905 Café in downtown Melbourne beginning at noon. The book for June is Unholy Night by Seth Graham-Smith. We each buy our lunch at the café and drinks and dessert will be provided by Kay.

The July meeting of the book club is on July 16
th, Doreen Yandell will be hosting from noon – 2 pm. The book for July is Southern Lights by Danielle Steel. Bring a brown bag lunch - drinks and dessert will be provided.

Please RSVP to both Kay and Doreen so they will know how many to expect.


Now that Sunday School is done for the summer, we are taking this opportunity to clean out and organize the rooms (supplies, books, videos, etc.). Our first clean out day will be Saturday, June 11 from 9 am – Noon. Let Doreen ( or 427-8788) know if you can come or just come on down if you have some time.


The book club is inviting everyone at St. Sebastian’s to join us with a summer read, Counter Balance Phantom Force. This page turner was written by St. Sebastian’s own Jerry May and he will be with us on Monday evening, August 22, at 6 pm in Smodell Hall to discuss his book and answer your questions.

We would like to invite all the men and women of St. Sebastian’s to read along with the book club this summer and join the discussion on August 22. Light refreshments will be served and the event is free. Order
Counter Balance Phantom Force, by Jerry May either through Barnes and Noble or Amazon, a Kindle version is available through Amazon. If you would like the author to sign your book, be sure to bring it with you on August 22.


Years ago, I worked at a summer Bible camp with my cousin Erik. As an evening staff meeting concluded, a sprinkle suddenly became a downpour. Counselors sprinted off toward cabins, while Erik and I, who didn’t supervise youngsters, debated whether to wait out the storm.

We opted to run for it, but being visually impaired, I soon realized the sheets of rain, added to the dark, hindered my view. “I can’t see!” I yelled through the wind to Erik. Immediately, he grabbed my hand, pulling me along. “It’s okay!” he shouted back. “I can!”

The sensation of running blindly yet feeling so secure became a metaphor for me about what I can handle and accomplish through faith. When I let God grab my hand and guide me, even when I’m running through dark, stormy times, I experience peace. For though I cannot see what lies ahead, I know God can.

—Heidi Mann


My prayer to God is that you see his presence when you look at me. His steadfast love has set me free, and his reflection I can be when God is shining bright in me.

—MaryAnn Sundby


This country will not be a good place for any of us to live in unless we make it a good place for all of us to live in.

—Theodore Roosevelt


It is now 2 days after the weekend and I am still emotional about what happened. Please let me give you some insight as to how the weekend is developed. For example, we have a Forgiveness ceremony that encourages the Men in Blue to have a heart of forgiveness. Lots of them started with forgiving their Defense Attorney or the Judge (who) did their sentencing. But eventually they all came to the realization that they needed to forgive themselves. It was then that there was real healing. They had to forgive themselves for the damage done to their family and others, because they are incarcerated. There is a box of tissues on each table for 6, and those boxes were emptied. Those hardened criminals found they had a heart, and no longer had to be angry or afraid in the compound. I could give you many examples of the focus that is used on the weekend but perhaps this will give you an insight around what happens for healing over the 34 hours that we are with them.
My wife, Renee' and two other members of our parish were there for the closing ceremony. The following are notes that she took at the time that we had for open mike that went on for 45 minutes until each had a chance to renew themselves by being open and honest:

• How men came to Kairos:
Needy, lost, unsure of who Jesus was, broken, wounded, hurt, confused, at a standstill, open, curious.....
• What they found: peaceful mind set, hope for better relationships, they can now reach out in love, peace and love, great food and great food for the soul, brothers in Christ on the inside and outside 84 men, found forgiveness, we are the church, lifted, spirit back, acceptance of love, faith, love of God, able to be real without tough guy mask, trust, healing, all part of body of Christ, cannot be a Christian in solitude...need each other,

• From one big tough guy: with many tears..."I have never felt so loved in my life" more sobbing. Applause from everyone!


• Miracle of the children's placemats: inmate spoke of his daughter who died of cystic fibrosis. He felt the placemat was a message for him that she is praying for him. Tears and thanksgiving.


• By recovering addict: more tools to work my program, courage to reach out with love, hang in there.

• Mentioned many times: Thankfulness for the prayers and the chain that represented 1,200+ people praying, placemats that the children made, time given by team and families, and of course the cookies and food.

Dear parish family. You were a big part of the prayer chain, you supplied cookies and you supplied funds that made this all possible. When I walked in on Thursday, I had the assurance that you, my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, had my back. I love you and thank you for it.

In Christ,
Walt Koenig


Fresh off the press!! Fr. Matt Linn, SJ, Smodell Hall, Sunday July 31st and Monday, August 1, 7 PM. Donation request of $10.00. 
Fr. Matthew Linn, SJ will again be with us for two evenings of teachings about Near Death Experience. (NDE) The Linn's new book was printed in April and is available on in both ebook and paperback. He will also have them available for sale on these evenings.

July 31st at 7 PM - Receiving Now the Gifts of the Near Death Experience

Near Death Experiences reveal a Divine template for the spiritual journey into unconditional love. We will explore how the processes of each stage of a NDE facilitate a transformation marked by peace, forgiveness, increased self-esteem, a hunger for spirituality, loss of the fear of death, finding our unique purpose, and the conviction that all that really matters in life is to love as deeply as the eternal Light of God loves us. This session (based on Linns’ new book,
The Gifts of Near- Death Experiences) is to experience a step of this transformation now – without the inconvenience of first dying.
August 1st at PM - The NDE Life Review: God’s Process For Healing Hurts Now

Those who have a Near Death Experience (NDE) frequently return able to give and receive forgiveness even with the deepest hurts. This is especially true for the 25% who have had a life review where they experience not only what they did but being in the shoes of those they hurt. If they have been hurt, they often experience living in the shoes of the offender and how he was also wounded person. Feeling his wounds replaces vengeance with understanding and compassion. This session (based on Linns,
The Gifts Near-Death Experiences) will explore and experience this dynamic so our hurts can be healed now and not just during our final life review.


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Genealogy research turns up some intriguing relations; for example, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are 10th cousins, and Britney Spears and Prince Albert of Monaco are 17th half-cousins. In the Bible, Jesus is linked to Rahab and Ruth, members of nations that were enemies of Israel.

Searches for family connections quickly reveal not only roots but also a web. Only a few generations up in the branches of each family tree are so many people that trees intersect. Scientists speculate that most people living today are related through a recent common ancestor. So there’s a “web-like tapestry” rather than a “tree that fans out exponentially,” according to writer Carl Zimmer.

Realizing we’re all connected should affect how we treat others. After all, we’re related to people with diverse backgrounds and opinions. In terms of genealogy, as well as living as Jesus’ disciples, we belong to one another.


Grace is something you can never get but only be given. The grace of God means something like: Here is your life. You might never have been, but you are because the party wouldn’t have been complete without you. Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid. I am with you. Nothing can ever separate us. It’s for you I created the universe. I love you.

There’s only one catch. Like any other gift, the gift of grace can be yours only if you reach out and take it. Maybe being able to reach and take it is a gift too.

—Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking

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O greater Maker of this thy great sun,
Give me the strength this one day’s race to run,
Fill me with light, fill me with sun-like strength,
Fill me with joy to rob the day its length.
Light from within, light that will outward shine,
Strength to make strong some weaker heart than mine,
Joy to make glad each soul that feels its touch;
Great Father of the sun, I ask this much.

—James Weldon Johnson

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In 1921 Arthur W. Pink posed the question, "Why Four Gospels?" In seeking the answer to his question he revealed these interesting properties of the number four:

•"Four" is the number of the earth - the world.

• There are four corners of the world or four points on the compass - north, south, east and west.

• There are four seasons in the earth's year - spring, summer, autumn and winter.

• There are four elements connected with our world - earth, air, fire and water.

• There have been four great world-empires - the Babylonian, the Medo-Persian, the Grecian and the Roman.

• Scripture divides earth's inhabitants into four classes - "tribe, language, people and nation" (Revelation 5:9).

• In the "Parable of the Sower" (Matthew 13), seed is scattered onto four types of earth - path, rocky, thorny and good soil. Later Jesus said, "the field is the world."

• The fourth commandment tells us to rest from all earth's labors.

• The fourth clause in the Lord's Prayer is, "Thy will be done on earth."

• If four is the number of the earth, then it is quite fitting that there are four Gospels in which to set forth the earthly ministry of the Heavenly One.

Based on Why Four Gospels? by Arthur W. Pink


Michael & Thanh Edwards
Were married Saturday, May 28
th, 2016

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2nd, Herbert & Frankie May Thompson
3rd, Harry & Dee Levey
6th, Jim & Cara Boyd
12th, Thomas & Nora Heiber
21st, Jim & Anna Maria Burley
21st, John & Katie Fisher
23rd, Andy & Alison Mindel
23rd, Ken & Gail Picking
27th, John & Tibby Westbrook


4th, Gary & Cyd Lewis
7th, Rob & Kim Dickman


2nd, Carmella Fawyer
3rd, Eddy Chandler
3rd, Deborah List
5th, Shawn Mindel
6th, Gary Lane
6th, Ernie Marwick
8th, Nora Heiber
10th, Ruth Wildman
12th, Ann Fredericks
12th, Pete Peterson
14th, Carole Maul
15th, Bob Sielski
15th, Mark Berard
21st, Ionie Lane
22nd, Annie Hellen Thomas
23rd, Larry Bass
23rd, Nancy Miller
24th, Sarah Miozzi
26th, Lauri Stone


2nd, Linda Jones
3rd, DR Babcock
3rd, Mackenzie Smith
6th, Renee´Koenig
7th, Donna Smodell
8th, Janet Carbaugh
11th, William Howard
13th, Jan Mays
16th, Ken Fredericks
17th, George Maul
18th, Shirley Lindstrom
20th, Ron TenEyck
21th, Kelley Hunt
21st, Roger Hunt
24th, Sylvia MacAllister
28th, Bernice Edwards
28th, Sandra Browning
29th, Mike Dagley
30th, Duncan Smith

Bible Quiz answer: B (See 1 Timothy 1:2; 2 Timothy 1:2; Titus 1:4; Philemon 1:1.)


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